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A Challenge to Education

We need to reform education to meet the needs of children in the new millennium. The current system involves placing children in boxes (called schools) for most of the daylight hours; and once inside these boxes they are divided into … Continue reading

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What is TEFL?

‘I am an EFL teacher and trainer’. A typical retort to this comment is: ‘What’s that?’ For the uninitiated EFL means English as a Foreign Language. EFL therefore describes the situation where learners are learning English in a context where … Continue reading

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The Economic Crisis: A poem

The Crisis. Economic growth Increased production Higher consumption Rising employment   The relentless drumbeat of humanity As it marches to the precipice   More medicine means less illness More weapons means fewer wars More prisons means less crime More production … Continue reading

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Inspiring Teachers in Khartoum

On 26 July 2011 11:14, Gray, Ben (Sudan) <> wrote: Inspiring Teachers in Khartoum Building on links made across the education sector in Sudan, the British Council is celebrating a recent forum held for English language teachers in Khartoum.  Titled … Continue reading

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ITI Master Classes in Samara, Russia.

  7, 13, 3, 2 and infinity. All this seems to be just a random set of numbers, but actually it makes an event. So, in order… 7th – largest city in Russia, Samara. 13 – the number of teachers … Continue reading

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Introduction What is Drama in ELT? Most ELT teachers nowadays advocate some elements of a ‘Communicative Approach’ and therefore recognise and appreciate the value of Drama in ELT. Drama can be defined as activity involving people in a social context … Continue reading

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Hello world!

  Welcome to Teacher Talking Time. This is a blog for teachers interested in teacher education, teacher training and development, teaching and learning and related topics. We will be inviting a variety of  people to share their experiences on a regular … Continue reading

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