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I am an ELT teacher and teacher trainer. I am Director of ITI, Istanbul a training institute in Istanbul. I am also founder of Speech Bubbles theatre which performs musicals to raise money for children and education.

Forum Theatre in ELT: The Story of Peter Black Role Play.

A Tragic Story of the Financial Crisis. Introduction. This is one of my favourite lessons. ‘The Tragic Story of Peter Black is about a middle-aged man who is made redundant during a financial recession and the tragic consequences that folllow. … Continue reading

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A Challenge to Education

We need to reform education to meet the needs of children in the new millennium. The current system involves placing children in boxes (called schools) for most of the daylight hours; and once inside these boxes they are divided into … Continue reading

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What is TEFL?

‘I am an EFL teacher and trainer’. A typical retort to this comment is: ‘What’s that?’ For the uninitiated EFL means English as a Foreign Language. EFL therefore describes the situation where learners are learning English in a context where … Continue reading

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Cheating Lale: A Psychological Dilemma.

Using ‘Storydrama’ in ELT. Introduction. This is one of my favourite lesson plans. ‘Cheating Lale is about a young  girl who cheats in her University final examinations and the lesson explores learners’ reactions and interpretations of  the events and characters that … Continue reading

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Let’s RAP Bro. Respect!

A learner-centred lesson. Many teachers claim to follow a learner-centred approach but what does a learner-centred approach actually mean in practice? I hope to show what it means by describing a lesson that contains, in my opinion, 12 key principles … Continue reading

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THE NEW WAY: ‘HOLISM’ a paradigm to replace orthodoxy. Humanity is marching off the edge of precipice. Can teachers do anything about it?   Are you as frustrated as I am when, attempting to relax in front of the TV … Continue reading

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The Economic Crisis: A poem

The Crisis. Economic growth Increased production Higher consumption Rising employment   The relentless drumbeat of humanity As it marches to the precipice   More medicine means less illness More weapons means fewer wars More prisons means less crime More production … Continue reading

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