The Economic Crisis: A poem

The Crisis.

Economic growth

Increased production

Higher consumption

Rising employment


The relentless drumbeat of humanity

As it marches to the precipice


More medicine means less illness

More weapons means fewer wars

More prisons means less crime

More production means greater prosperity

More information means greater wisdom

More consumption means greater happiness


The mantra is repeated relentlessly

As we march forward

Convinced of the truth

Confident in the knowledge

Over the precipice

Into the abyss.


About Tom Godfrey

I am an ELT teacher and teacher trainer. I am Director of ITI, Istanbul a training institute in Istanbul. I am also founder of Speech Bubbles theatre which performs musicals to raise money for children and education.
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4 Responses to The Economic Crisis: A poem

  1. martyn rule says:

    ….which then leaves us to enjoy today in the unshatterable conviction that tomorrow has been cancelled owing to some terrible mix up…involving the mind .. a lack of appropriate awareness and consequent action,..choice…genetic reproduction an unconcerned universal template and the history of mankind…plus the odd bit of divine intervention on all sides apparently but not necessarily owing to some atheists who refuse to be de-apostasised and keep spoiling the credo…
    obviously a good time for people to get together and dance heartily more , even whirl gnostically if you are in Istanbul….and sing a bit…apparently that helps… :).

    every cloud has a …….

  2. Wow. This is the first poem that has touched me in a long time. And the reply is equally as poetic. I’m in love…

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