Inspiring Teachers in Khartoum

On 26 July 2011 11:14, Gray, Ben (Sudan) <> wrote:
Inspiring Teachers in Khartoum
Building on links made across the education sector in Sudan, the British Council is celebrating a recent forum held for English language teachers in Khartoum.  Titled ‘Inspiring our Students, How to Make them REALLY Want to Learn!’  the event was met with great acclaim from all who attended and has set the bar by which future events will be judged.  One attendee, Hala Mohammed, a teacher from a local high school said “I’m taking away some ideas on how to inspire my classes, and I’ve made some great contacts for the future”.  English lessons at both school and university in Sudan often have over 100 students in a single classroom.
So, what made this forum so different from the numerous other education events that occur each year?  As organiser for the British Council, Ben Gray, English Language Advisor, said prior to the event, “We want teachers to be inspired at the forum; not just to hear how they should be doing it”.    A choice was made to invite Dr. Tom Godfrey, a leading teacher training consultant with a reputation for involving the audience and demonstrating practical advice, whose all-involved activities and unconventional style had the 250+ audience up out of their seats clapping, dancing and moving around the University of Khartoum hall.  Nobody had expected an impromptu performance of Cinderella, but to the observers the usually reserved audience embraced the activity with gusto!

The break from the norm didn’t stop there.  
Local English teacher Maie Hassan stated after “The event was different from anything I’ve been to before” and referring to the decidedly different approach “It left me with a real sense of connection to other teachers and a practical way to communicate with them in future”.
Most important to the organisers – the University of Khartoum English Language Institute, the Association of Sudanese Teachers of English Language, TESOL Sudan and the British Council English Team – is that the forum will have a lasting positive effect on English language teaching in Sudan.  
Three similar forums are planned between now and the end of March 2012, and Ben is keen both to increase the future number of participants and to use the forums as a platform to other professional development activities, and in particular linking with the large-scale teacher training programme the Council is currently planning with the Sudan Ministry of Education.


About Tom Godfrey

I am an ELT teacher and teacher trainer. I am Director of ITI, Istanbul a training institute in Istanbul. I am also founder of Speech Bubbles theatre which performs musicals to raise money for children and education.
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