ITI Master Classes in Samara, Russia.


7, 13, 3, 2 and infinity. All this seems to be just a random set of numbers, but actually it makes an event.
So, in order…
7th – largest city in Russia, Samara.

13 – the number of teachers who do care about their career, their development and their students.

3 – the number of unforgettable days, which we went towards coping with all the stumbling stones driven by a motto that everything impossible is possible. The days of intensive training, the days of expanding the frontiers.

2- fabulous tutors, the guides who inspired us with discovery.

Infinity – the number of emotions and experience that we all have had.

These figures relate to the significant event that took place in my hometown, Samara. On the 17th – 19th of December Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering hosted master classes for EFL teachers. The tutors of International Training Institute (Istanbul), Liz Aykanat and Tom Godfrey were invited.

During the three-day master classes Samara teachers got acquainted with state-of-the-art methods and approaches to teaching English as well as improving teaching skills. They took a fresh look at their profession and learned what stands for such concepts as potential, creativity, teamwork, prospects.

Topics for the master classes were chosen according to the needs of the participants (e.g. how to teach reading effectively) as well as new trends (CLIL). The master-class on drama brought about lively discussion and sharing of impressions.


Master classes were really international because the participants were not only Russian teachers, but also Canadian and American ones. Experience exchange, knowledge and plans sharing were outstanding. According to the participants, such workshops should be regular and ongoing as they lead to out-of-box thinking.
As for me personally, these master classes have become significant. For many reasons. I have got my team, the people who are able to support, to be optimistic and do everything possible to make the event happen. I met my tutors, the people who had helped me to take a step forward in my career, the professionals and very nice people. There were many of my friends who took part in the master classes and I’m happy that the number of people who want to be aware of trends is growing. And one more thing. I have realized that it was only a first step. The first master-classes, followed by the second, the third, the fourth ones… and tutors of International Training Institute will be frequent and welcomed guests in my town.

Galina Sharonova.


About Tom Godfrey

I am an ELT teacher and teacher trainer. I am Director of ITI, Istanbul a training institute in Istanbul. I am also founder of Speech Bubbles theatre which performs musicals to raise money for children and education.
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